Our New Building

Over the past ten years, rumours of “a new school for Ravenswell” were on the horizon.  Last year, 2016, it was finally confirmed that we would indeed be moving into a wonderful new building.  The site for our new school will be on the old Bray Golf Course, less than 200m from our current school site.

Last year, after a few hiccups, they finally broke ground on the new school and things have been motoring along since then.  A few of our teachers have been over for site visits and are sending regular updates back to us.  Walls up, roof on and windows in… It’s still rough and ready, but the building is huge so we’ll have plenty of room to grow and grow.

The school boasts a large PE hall and yard area, three spacious classrooms for each class level, a parents’ room so we can keep running our home-school links programme, a lift for wheelchair access and the views are spectacular.

We’re expecting to be moving into our new building before Christmas 2017.  We have a very busy and extremely exciting term ahead of us.