5th Science Fair Experiment : Session 1 “Confetti Explosion”

5th class are very excited about our upcoming Science Fair at the end of the month! In today’s lesson Ms Phelan introduced our engineering problem, it’s context and the engineering process we need to investigate for our Science Fair Entry. This is our story: “We have just celebrated a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day party in […]

5th Class – Native American History

Just a small selection of some of the amazing Native American campsite Art projects 5th class did recently. It’s a really interesting topic and the class really enjoyed working on it. They included items such as totem poles, tee-pees, buffalo skin drying racks, travois and campfires. .

5th Class – Science Survey Update

Our Science Survey is now live on our School Website. All classes from 2nd up are old enough to take the survey themselves during their tablet time. The survey only takes about 5 minutes. However we felt that the junior classes may need a little help in reading the survey. So 5th class offered to […]

5th Class – Return of the Ozobots!

We’ve completed our second and third Ozobots workshop with the ADAPT Centre in DCU and had great fun learning a little about coding concepts in a fun and hands on way. First we learned about two simple coding concepts – functions and loops. We then applied these to write a little program for the Ozobot […]

5th Class Science Survey

5th Class were commissioned by the principal to investigate the attitude of the students in our school towards Science. We decided we would conduct a Science Survey of the children. Our first action was to work in 4 groups and brainstorm what sort of questions we should ask in the survey. We recorded our group […]

5th Class STEM LEGO for Fun!

5th Class were very lucky to get two sessions of LEGO for Fun with the kind help of some volunteering parents. The parents trained themselves up on the LEGO kits and then came into the classroom to help facilitate the activities. Working in pairs the children worked with the LEGO Education WeDo Core Set, which […]

5th Class Ozobots!

On Monday February 25th 5th class had their first of 3 Ozobots workshops facilitated by the ADAPT Centre in DCU. Ozobots offer a fun and interactive way for primary school kids to engage with problem-solving through simple coding and robotics. First the children explored how the Ozobots will follow the path of the black marker. […]

5th Class Buddy Duty.

5th class were on Buddy Duty again this week as we escorted the Junior Infants around the school grounds on a “Signs of Autumn” Nature Hunt.  We helped the little ones complete their checklist as they collected their Autumn leaves, conkers and berries for their nature table.   (We didn’t catch any squirrels😀.) The junior […]