2nd Class Sugar Cube Science

We have been very busy this week in 2nd class practicing being young scientists and conducting our sugar cube experiment! We worked on the Materials strand and investigated Properties and Characteristics of Materials. We wanted to identify and investigate materials that absorb water and those that are waterproof and hopefully we could answer the question: […]

Sixth Class A Science Experiment: Build a better lunchbox

Sixth Class learned that insulating a container will keep a frozen object frozen for longer than without insulation. We also learned which materials are good insulators. Equipment used: Identical containers, newspaper, cotton balls, foam, bubble wrap, fleece, plastic ziploc bags, ice pops. Prediction: Before we began our experiment, we looked at a concept cartoon depicting […]

5th Science Fair Experiment : Session 1 “Confetti Explosion”

5th class are very excited about our upcoming Science Fair at the end of the month! In today’s lesson Ms Phelan introduced our engineering problem, it’s context and the engineering process we need to investigate for our Science Fair Entry. This is our story: “We have just celebrated a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day party in […]

Young Scientist

On the 11th of January 3rd and 4th Class went to the Young Scientist, held in the RDS. It was amazing to see the diverse range of topics the children competing explained. We moved around the room asking questions and looking at how each of the topics worked. We saw lots of things from electrical […]

UCD Science Outing

We were so lucky to have been asked to go to UCD for a Science outing. It was amazing to see the campus and what a college really looks like! We went into the Science building and saw a real lab. The lecturers at UCD went through the basic steps and language you need to […]

STEM Projects Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class – Maglev Trains

While learning about transport we wanted to see if any forms of transport used magnets to move- lucky for us we found that Maglev Trains using magnets to move. A few countries are using powerful electromagnets to develop high-speed trains, called maglev trains. Maglev is short for magnetic levitation, which means that these trains will float […]

STEM in Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class – Mammal Tunnel

As part of our Science we learnt lots of new facts about Mammals. We wanted to find out more information about what kind of mammals lived around our school so we decided to design our own mammal tunnel. We set to work choosing the right materials for the tunnel itself (poster board seemed to be […]

STEM in Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class – Marshmallow Tower

STEM is an integral part of education. Children become engineers, scientists, mathematicians while also using technology to help develop problem solving skills. At the beginning of the year 4th Class started our STEM journey with the Marshmallow Tower. Children worked in teams to construct a tower out of spaghetti, string and masking tape. The aim […]