1st Class (Ms. Phelan) Science Fair Experiment

First class were very excited to get working on our entry for this years Ravenswell Science Fair. Each class has been assigned a different strand and unit of the Science Curriculum to ensure we’re not all covering the same areas.  Our class got “Energy and Forces: Light”  💡 and we’re absolutely delighted!! (Great topic!!😀)

We started yesterday and learned what a source of light is and identified the many different sources of light which can be categorised into natural and man-made.

  • Natural
    • Lightening
    • The Sun
    • Stars
    • Fire
    • Lava
  • Man-made
    • Street lights
    • Lamp
    • Torch
    • Car light
    • Computer screens

We learned that the moon is not a source of light itself – did you know that the moon is actually a huge reflector, like a mirror?

We played a sorting game to practise this knowledge, and we completed a sorting worksheet.

We always follow the Scientific Method in our class for experiments, so this means we start our investigations with a question. Our stimulus question was “how does light travel? “ and we started by looking at some photographs.  The photos drew out of us that light travels in sunbeams or sun rays and we predicted that light travels in a straight line. (Because we could see straight sun beams in the pictures and sometimes themselves in real life. )

How does light travel?
Light travels in straight beams.

Next we had to conduct an experiment to prove or disprove this.

The materials we used for our experiment included

  • 3 old cds
  • 8 clothes pegs
  • a light source (lamp or torch)
  • string
  • piece of card

This was our procedure:

  1. Stand up each CDs using 2 clothes pegs as a stand.
  2. Line up the 3 CDs by placing the piece of string through their centers.
  3. Stand up the piece of card using 2 pegs. This is our screen.
  4. Shine a light source ( lamp or torch) through the CDs.


Results: If the CDs are in a straight line, we can see the light on the screen. If one CD was moved out of alignment, the light rays were blocked.  Light does indeed travel in a straight line.

Conclusion: We see things through Reflection – more new vocabulary that we learned today.  Light travels from a light source and bounces off an object and into our eye – that’s how we see. And this light travels in a straight line called a ray or beam of light.

We discussed our results and conclusions and wrote our reports.

Next we are going to have great fun learning about Refraction, the bending of light – we’ll keep you posted!

Post Author: Linda Phelan