5th Class – Return of the Ozobots!

We’ve completed our second and third Ozobots workshop with the ADAPT Centre in DCU and had great fun learning a little about coding concepts in a fun and hands on way.

First we learned about two simple coding concepts – functions and loops. We then applied these to write a little program for the Ozobot to follow some simple instructions like move forward, flash red light, turn right etc.

Our coding was done using simple drag-and -drop instructions on the tablets.

We then calibrated our Ozobots by sitting them on the tablet and pressing the “Calibrate” button. Once calibrated, we could then place the Ozobot on the tablet so it could scan or load in our program and then perform it.

Our last activity was the trickiest! It was based on the idea of an “Amazon Warehouse Robot” that when given a location can go and retrieve a product. We were given a map of a warehouse and had to programme our Ozobot to locate certain products.

We learned about the coding concept of using 1’s and 0’s to tell the robot where to go.

We’d like to thank the ADAPT Centre in DCU again for allowing us to do these workshops for free.

Post Author: Linda Phelan