5th Class Science Survey

5th Class were commissioned by the principal to investigate the attitude of the students in our school towards Science. We decided we would conduct a Science Survey of the children. Our first action was to work in 4 groups and brainstorm what sort of questions we should ask in the survey. We recorded our group questions and then came back together as a whole class to discuss the questions and select the ones we would use.

We have done school surveys before and we knew it was a big job to go from class to class and ask our question and record our answers, so this time we decided to create an online survey using Google Forms. Our teacher showed us a quick tutorial on the whiteboard on how to use Google Forms – we got it in minutes! So together we designed our online survey.

To make the survey available to the students, we put a button link to it on the school website and asked our teacher to message the school staff to ask them to take the survey with their classes.

We don’t have any results just yet. We’ll keep you posted!

Post Author: Linda Phelan