5th Science Fair Experiment: Session 3 Test

For our final Vacuum Cleaner session, with our circuit built we finally could add the bottle (housing) and net (dust bag) and test our creations out.

Check out this short video of one of our Vacuum cleaners in operation.

When our circuit is wired properly and our fan spins in one direction it will suck up the confetti.

However, if the direction of the fan is different, it will actually blow – like a hairdryer. Check out this video of our device blowing.

When testing out vacuum cleaners, some cleaners were performing better than others. It got us thinking – we all used the same materials to make them – what are the variables?

We discussed it and realised that because we each made our own “confetti” – some groups had very small confetti and others had much bigger confetti which made it an unfair test. We all need to use the same sized confetti made from the same material to make it fair. We decided to use the debris from a hole puncher.

The other variables are the batteries and how much power they have left.

Finally, our last task is to record our work in an Experiment Report. We will record under the following headings:

Question; Hypothesis; Materials; Procedure; Data; Conclusions

We are really looking forward to the fair and demonstrating our work.

Post Author: Linda Phelan