6th Class – Science Fair Project

This year for our 6th class Science Fair project, we explored forces, and gravitational pull. The question that led our investigation was ‘Does the Steepness of a Slope Effect the Distance a Toy Car Can Travel?’. We worked in groups to establish a fair test to carry out to find a plausible answer to our investigation question.

The equipment we used for our experiment included:

  • Toy car
  • Cardboard ramp
  • Books (to alter ramp slope)
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Mini whiteboard

In order to ensure we carried out a fair test we made sure that we only had one variable, and the rest of the experiment equipment and methods remained constant. Our variable was the steepness (slope) of the ramp. We made sure we used the same car for each test, as well as ensuring that we started measuring from the same start point each time. Additionally, we tested the car on each slope 3 times, and then got an average. Lastly, we ensured that our method didn’t create a ‘push’ force at any point in the investigation. We did this by starting the car at the same start point, and using a ruler as a barrier to release the car down the ramp.

Testing how we would release the car down the ramp.

Our findings were quite similar to the predictions we had made before carrying out the experiment. We found that as the steepness of the ramp increased, the distance the car traveled increased. You can see our findings illustrated on a graph in one of the images below.

Post Author: Orla McCarthy