Happy Halloween

One of our favourite times of year is Halloween Dress Up day.  Every one in the school always makes such an amazing effort and this year was no exception. Across the school, colours and costumes, make up and smiles were everywhere.  The teachers took part with their usual enthusiasm, taking a Harry Potter theme this […]

In, Out and All About…

We are always busy here in Ravenswell and there always seems to be something special going on around the school.  In October a number of classes enjoyed their first outings of the new year, and we’ve already had a few visitors in to the school visiting the classes. 6th Class went to Dun Laoghaire to […]

Life goes on…

After all the excitement and build-up to moving day, we are finally settling into our beautiful, and huge, new school.  It’s a really wonderful place.  Bright and warm and clean and new!! All the classes are settling back into their old routines, and getting used to some new ones as we all learn our way […]

It finally arrived…

Finally, on Monday 5th November 2018, after a long, 14 year wait, our new school was finally ready and we made our move.  All the pupils arrived in our old, and now empty, building for a final farewell…making a giant 2018 in the car-park… and together, we all walked across to our new building. It […]

Ravenswell Choir do us proud

Congratulations to all the pupils involved in our choir after their amazing performance at the Tallaght BasketBall Arena this Thursday. The boys and girls have worked so hard over the past year, and especially in the past few weeks. Their teachers, Nicola Piggot and Kate Breen, have brought them for extra practices every afternoon for […]

Safer Internet Month

In February we will be looking at how we can use the Internet safely.  Over the month each class will be working with the pupils on how they can keep themselves safe on the Internet. The month kicks off on Tuesday 6th February with Safer Internet Day, which calls on everyone to make the Internet […]

Perfect Attendance in September

It’s wonderful to see such amazing attendance for our first month back in a new year.  Congratulations to all the pupils who had perfect Attendance for September. The best class last month was Ms McCormack’s first class, with 95% attendance.  You should all be very proud of yourselves. Have a look at our gallery of […]

Back at it…

After a very successful year of running, finishing up with a fantastic 2km school run in the people’s park, we’re back in the zone. All the classes from 1st to 6th went out on Monday for their first run of the new school year. Easing themselves in gently for the first time back, they kept […]

Active Week Park Run 2017

We have been training all year, going for regular runs around the school grounds every most days after break time. The daily run was introduced by 3rd class, and everyone else joined in. Every day we ran two laps of the school grounds and our times were recorded. We could see ourselves getting faster and […]