Violin in 3rd Class

This year 3rd class have started learning how to play the violin. In just a few weeks they have learned the names of the violin parts, the 4 string names (notes), and how to play a tune by plucking the strings! Watch this space to follow our progress…

Miss Lynskey’s 3rd Class

We have had such a busy start to the year here in 3rd Class. We started Roots of Empathy and have been so lucky to have Miss Glynn and her baby Wren in to visit. We will be learning all about how a baby grows and develops, and are looking forward to watching baby Wren […]

On the Go – First Class

Our experiment was called ‘On the Go’. We wanted to find out how far a toy car would travel over different types of surfaces.Before the Science Fair, we had to do a lot of research in our classroom. Firstly, we had to choose the best car for the experiment – we had lots of fun […]