Welcome Back – Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class

Welcome back 4th Class. It’s so lovely to see everyone back after the summer! We are very excited to get back into school life and routines. We are looking forward to learning lots of new things this year. We have lots of things planned for the coming year! Lots of STEM projects, coding and team […]

Math’s Trail in 3rd Class

This month in Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class we have been learning all about length. We revised how length is measured in mm, cm, m and km. We practiced adding and subtracting these just to make sure we remembered all about length. Next was the fun part – A Maths Trail! Ms. Stapleton had taken pictures […]

Data in Ms. Keane’s Junior Infants and Ms Glynn’s Senior Infants

In our Infant Classes we have been focusing data. We have been working on graphing and discussing our graphs. Ms. Keane’s Junior Infants read a lovely story called ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. They discussed different aspects of the book and sequenced the story. When discussing their favourite character many of the boys and girls […]

Energy, Bristlebots and Data in Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class

This month we have been learning about energy. Like all scientists, our discover began with a question. We used a concept cartoon to begin. This concept cartoon helped us discuss how we thought cars moved and also introduced us to new vocabulary. The concept of energy was one we all knew but just didn’t have […]

UCD Science Outing

We were so lucky to have been asked to go to UCD for a Science outing. It was amazing to see the campus and what a college really looks like! We went into the Science building and saw a real lab. The lecturers at UCD went through the basic steps and language you need to […]

STEM Projects Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class – Maglev Trains

While learning about transport we wanted to see if any forms of transport used magnets to move- lucky for us we found that Maglev Trains using magnets to move. A few countries are using powerful electromagnets to develop high-speed trains, called maglev trains. Maglev is short for magnetic levitation, which means that these trains will float […]

STEM in Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class – Mammal Tunnel

As part of our Science we learnt lots of new facts about Mammals. We wanted to find out more information about what kind of mammals lived around our school so we decided to design our own mammal tunnel. We set to work choosing the right materials for the tunnel itself (poster board seemed to be […]

Young Scientist

On the 11th of January 3rd and 4th Class went to the Young Scientist, held in the RDS. It was amazing to see the diverse range of topics the children competing explained. We moved around the room asking questions and looking at how each of the topics worked. We saw lots of things from electrical […]

STEM in Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class – Design your own parachute

In our history lesson we learnt about an important lady called Ameila Earhart. She was the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Ameila Earhart also tried to fly around the world and unfortunately during her flight over the Pacific Ocean her plane disappeared. In order to develop our problem solving skills through STEM, […]