1st Class (Ms. Phelan) Let there be Light!!

We had a wonderful day at the Ravenswell Science Fair! We set up our table with our experiments and created a backdrop with all of our Scientific Method material. We broke our class up into 3 different presenting groups so everyone got a chance to present our Light experiments on the day. We’ve been working […]

1st Class (Ms. Phelan) Light Bending Refraction!

Today we had good fun still working on our Science Fair entry exploring Light. Question: So we already proved that light travels in a straight line. But does it ever bend? Prediction: We really don’t know! Materials: Tall glass Straws Water Procedure: Fill a tall glass with water. Check that the straw is straight. It […]

1st Class (Ms. Phelan) Science Fair Experiment

First class were very excited to get working on our entry for this years Ravenswell Science Fair. Each class has been assigned a different strand and unit of the Science Curriculum to ensure we’re not all covering the same areas.  Our class got “Energy and Forces: Light”  💡 and we’re absolutely delighted!! (Great topic!!😀) We started […]

1st Class Science – Cleaning Coins!

First Class completed their first science experiment following the steps of the Scientific Method. Scientific Method: Question Prediction Resources /Materials/ Equipment Steps / Method Results / Data Conclusion / Summary The question we wanted to explore was “What cleans old coins the best?” We had a selection of liquids to experiment with: water, washing up […]

1st Class Aistear – The Dentist

Welcome back to school!  We can’t believe how quickly the summer holidays went but we’re super happy to be back too! We have a very happy First Class year group as they get to continue to do Aistear this year. For the month of September our focus is on the dentist. We’ve done lots of […]

5th Whole School Science Survey: The Results Are In!

So after writing our questions, creating a Google Forms survey and helping with surveying all younger classes of the school, Ms. Phelan’s 5th Class now have the results of our “Whole School Science Survey.” You can see the results on display at our Science Fair on Friday 29th March in the school hall! We are […]

5th Science Fair Experiment: Session 3 Test

For our final Vacuum Cleaner session, with our circuit built we finally could add the bottle (housing) and net (dust bag) and test our creations out. Check out this short video of one of our Vacuum cleaners in operation. When our circuit is wired properly and our fan spins in one direction it will suck […]

5th Science Fair Experiment : Session 1 “Confetti Explosion”

5th class are very excited about our upcoming Science Fair at the end of the month! In today’s lesson Ms Phelan introduced our engineering problem, it’s context and the engineering process we need to investigate for our Science Fair Entry. This is our story: “We have just celebrated a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day party in […]

5th Class – Native American History

Just a small selection of some of the amazing Native American campsite Art projects 5th class did recently. It’s a really interesting topic and the class really enjoyed working on it. They included items such as totem poles, tee-pees, buffalo skin drying racks, travois and campfires. .