Write a Book Project

Well done to the children in 1st Class who took part in the Write a Book Project. Each child wrote their own book on Arctic Animals which was our theme for the month of January. We worked extremely hard on our writing and illustrations. We are very proud of our work.

3rd Class (Ms Stapleton’s) How Sweet is your Drink?

Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class set out to investigate how much sugar is in our favourite drinks. We brainstormed all of the drinks that we could think of. We then tasted some of these drinks to see if we could determine which ones were high or low in sugar from the taste. Next, we voted on […]

Cleaning Dirty Water

In Ms McCormack’s First Class we learned about the importance of water in our daily lives. We discussed all the uses we have for water and why it is important to us. We also discussed what might happen if we were to drink dirty water. So why were we learning about this to start off […]

First Class – Making a Diver

In Ms. Brady’s class we were learning all about floating and sinking so we decided to investigate how density helps a diver float and sink! First of all, we needed to experiment with different materials to see what floats and what sinks. We discovered that coins sink and tin foil floats. We tested many materials […]

Environmental Workshops

We were very lucky to have Aoife Munn, from the Department of Environment, working with 3rd and 4th Class. She taught us about plants and animals in Ireland and recycling. We went on nature walks, completed an animal project, grew seeds, made posters to encourage our community to be more aware of recycling and made […]