Active School

Welcome to Ravenswell Primary School’s


At Ravenswell, teachers, students and parents work together to ensure

that each child has the opportunity to engage with Physical Education

and regular physical activity in a fun and encouraging manner.

To find out how we do this, please feel free to have a look around these pages!


Our Active School Committee

Our Active School Committee meets regularly with Ms. Mulcahy. They work hard to come up with ways in which all children at Ravenswell can be included in P.E.

They came up with our catchy Active School’s Slogan:

“Doing Our Bit To Keep Bray Fit”


They have been working hard to promote four key areas:

Physical Education

Physical Activity


Active Week

Please feel free to click on any of the links above to find out more.

We look forward to achieving an Active School Flag that will be a symbol of our commitment to regular physical activity for everyone at Ravenswell Primary School.


Our Active School Display at Reception




The following videos are samples of what we do at Ravenswell: