Active Week

Ravenswell Active Week 2018

A huge thank you to all students, teachers and parents who made Active Week such a fun experience for everyone!

Children spent an entire week in June getting involved in various physical activities, some of which that they had never tried before.

We were very busy in getting ready to move to our brand new school but that didn’t stop us putting on the best Active School week to date! Scroll down to see what we got up to…


On Monday, Junior & Senior Infants showed off their hula-hoop skills in our annual Hula-hoopathon…









While older classes battled it out in a Skipathon…


Tennis & Soccer Skills Workshops held during Active Week:


Thank you so much to all our coaches, parents and friends of Ravenswell for giving up their time to come and teach us new skills this week!!!


Bike Day was a great success thanks to Wicklow LSP & Smoothie Bikes

With Smoothie Bikes, we not only learned how movement can generate power, we got to enjoy healthy smoothies too…




Even teachers couldn’t resist giving it a go!

Scalextric cars race – not as easy as it looks!!!



PARK RUN DAY was a big hit with everyone from Junior Infants to 6th Class…


Junior Park Run

Ms. Pigott’s 5th Class celebrating after winning the Senior Park Run Cup!



***Special thanks to all parents and friends who helped out on the day!***

The wind outside didn’t stop infants from enjoying some parachute games!


The ‘Obstacle Course Relay’ helped us practice our skills learned in Athletics…











4th Class competing in Giant X’s & O’s

Careful balancing act in the Water Race!
Steely determination needed!


























6th Class V Teachers Basketball Match


Medal Presentations Active Week 2018