September fun in Senior Infants

We were delighted to return to school this month and what a September we have had. Busy Busy Bees! We have been learning lots across the curriculum. Our September theme was School and we explored various activities during Am Spraoi every day. Roleplay, Playdough, Construction, Puzzles, Arts & Crafts and Small world to name a […]

Junior Achievement

One of the final activities completed by our graduating 6th class (and some members of 5th!) was an Energy workshop delivered by four volunteers from Dell. The workshop was run in conjunction with Junior Achievement which is a non-profit focusing on entrepreneurship education in schools. The group worked with the volunteers to design their version […]

Write a Book Project

Well done to the children in 1st Class who took part in the Write a Book Project. Each child wrote their own book on Arctic Animals which was our theme for the month of January. We worked extremely hard on our writing and illustrations. We are very proud of our work.

Procedural writing in 2nd class

The children in Ms Hackett’s class have been busy working on procedural writing. Lovely to see them working together as part of a team and then presenting their work to the class!

Space Station

Ms. Crimmins’ Senior Infant Class have loved working on the space station in Aistear this term. The children began with gathering all the information they already had on space/space station and shared ideas within their groups. The children learned all the planet names and enjoyed watching Chris Hadfield video on things such as brushing teeth […]

Easter Treats

Junior Infants took a trip to the Parent’s Room to make chocolate nests as part of our Easter celebration activities. We melted chocolate and mixed in lots of cornflakes. We all then took it in turns to scoop out our nests into cupcake holders and decorate them with mini eggs and tiny cute chicks. We […]

First Class Magnetism

First Class had lots of fun exploring and investigating with magnets! First we brainstormed “forces”. Magnets are a type of force. We had lots of different styles of magnets to explore with, including bar, donut, horseshoe, wand and disc magnets. Each group was given a box of items (pegs, toy cars, blocks, 5c coins, 10c […]

The Floor is Lava!

This week signaled the beginning of Week 2 of our Laya Super Trooper Active homework! As part of our PE lesson this week, the children were tasked with creating their own “The Floor is Lava” style obstacle course! The children worked in groups of two where by they had to come up with their course, […]

Hobby Showcase!

In 6th class, we encourage everyone to showcase their hobbies! Here are two of our talented pupils demonstrating their karate moves for Sixth Class- lots of dedication, discipline and determination involved here! Sixth Class enjoyed asking questions about karate and we even had some brave helpers who got involved with some of the moves.