Junior Achievement Ireland

Ms Hackett’s fourth class recently participated in Junior Achievement Ireland’s, programme, sponsered by AIB, It’s My Business’. Students experienced the initial steps necessary to start a business as they identify their own entrepreneurial characteristics, developed a business start up from it’s ideation, innovation and market research through to pitching their new ideas to potential funders. […]

4th Class school library visit

Huge thanks to you the library team for making the school library so fabulous! It’s a fantastic addition to our school, with a large range of reading materials available to the children. They are loving visiting the library and taking out their weekly books. Check out our photos below! .

4th Class STEM Challenge

The Big Marshmallow Tower Challenge is a favourite Math and Engineering STEM activity for teachers and students around the world. The objective of this challenge is for students to apply their knowledge of geometry to design and build structurally sound towers using nothing but marshmallows and spaghetti. It was great fun and very messy! .


1st Class have begun using Chromebooks in class. We were lucky to have our friends from 6th Class come to help us for our first few sessions. We have been playing Maths games and using Chrome Canvas to draw.

Cedars Senior visit Festina Lente

Three of our pupils have had a the wonderful opportunity over the past few months to visit Festina Lente. During these visits they have been learning how to care for the horses, including cleaning out the stalls, feeding them and grooming them. They also bring the ponies for walks. The boys were so lucky to […]

Violin in 3rd Class

This year 3rd class have started learning how to play the violin. In just a few weeks they have learned the names of the violin parts, the 4 string names (notes), and how to play a tune by plucking the strings! Watch this space to follow our progress…