1st Class have begun using Chromebooks in class. We were lucky to have our friends from 6th Class come to help us for our first few sessions. We have been playing Maths games and using Chrome Canvas to draw.

Cedars Senior visit Festina Lente

Three of our pupils have had a the wonderful opportunity over the past few months to visit Festina Lente. During these visits they have been learning how to care for the horses, including cleaning out the stalls, feeding them and grooming them. They also bring the ponies for walks. The boys were so lucky to […]

Violin in 3rd Class

This year 3rd class have started learning how to play the violin. In just a few weeks they have learned the names of the violin parts, the 4 string names (notes), and how to play a tune by plucking the strings! Watch this space to follow our progress…

Miss Lynskey’s 3rd Class

We have had such a busy start to the year here in 3rd Class. We started Roots of Empathy and have been so lucky to have Miss Glynn and her baby Wren in to visit. We will be learning all about how a baby grows and develops, and are looking forward to watching baby Wren […]

Ready Set Go Maths – Senior Infants

Senior Infants are really enjoying our Ready Set Go Maths lessons which is truly up and running now. We are so thankful to our volunteer parents who are helping us – we really can’t do RSG Maths without them. Thank you! .

Our Senses – Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been learning all about our senses. As an introduction to the topic, we were taken to the Parents’ Room where we made some popcorn in the microwave! In making the popcorn we had to think about What can we see? We saw the popcorn twirling around in the microwave. What can we […]

2nd Class Autumn Nature Walk

The three 2nd Classes are learning about Autumn and trees native to Ireland. As part of this, we went on a nature walk to investigate the different trees and how they are changing with the season. We collected a lot of conkers, acorns and leaves. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a […]