May 2021 in 4th Class

We have had such a lovely May in 4th Class. May has marked the beginning of our Student Council nominations. There have been lots of nominees in our class. Everyone made beautiful posters with their visions and gave excellent speeches. Here are some of the fabulous posters we have made. We have also been completing […]

Cleaning Dirty Water – 1st Class

In Ms McCormack’s First Class we learned about the importance of water in our daily lives. We discussed all the uses we have for water and why it is important to us. We also discussed what might happen if we were to drink dirty water. So why were we learning about this to start off […]

What do my favourite drinks do to my tooth enamel?

Ms. Brady’s 3rd Class set out to investigate the effect that our favourite drinks have on our teeth. We brainstormed all of the drinks that we could think of that we liked to drink. We decided to use 6 drinks and test those. The drinks we chose were; Coffee, Coke, Boost Energy Drink, Milk, Water […]

What is that sound?!

Mrs. Dillon’s class wanted to investigate sound and where it comes from!  All sounds are made through vibrations. These vibrations are carried through the air by particles until they reach our ears. These vibrations are called sound waves. We hear sounds through our ears, when the sound enters our ears they make our eardrum vibrate […]

On the Go – First Class

Our experiment was called ‘On the Go’. We wanted to find out how far a toy car would travel over different types of surfaces.Before the Science Fair, we had to do a lot of research in our classroom. Firstly, we had to choose the best car for the experiment – we had lots of fun […]

Solar Oven

In 5th class our theme for the science fair was the environment. We explored how we could use the energy of the sun (solar energy) in different ways. Before the science fair we did an experiment with our student teacher, Ms Carroll, where we placed containers of water (that were sealed with clingfilm) in direct […]

Keeping Sounds Out- Senior Infants

Ms. Crimmins’ Senior Infants class had a great time at Ravenswell Science Fair. The lead up to the Science fair was equally as fun as we experimented with loud and annoying sounds and how to block the sound out using different materials. During the Science Fair we got to show off the knowledge we had […]

Our Fingerprints

‘What do you have with you all the time but leave everywhere you go?’ This year Senior Infants chose to investigate our Fingerprints. We were studying the Garda Station during our Aistear time and we were very interested to see how the Gardaí would take our fingerprints.First we learned all about the four different types […]