Junior Infants: Shoots and Roots

In Ms. Semple`s Junior Infants we all enjoyed representing our class at Ravenswell Science Fair. Our first school Science Fair was a great experience. We explained our work to the other classes, our parents and teachers. We told some carrot jokes too. We were thrilled to be interviewed by RTE News2Day and to see our […]

Junior Scientists

Junior Infants had wonderful time this year at our First Science Fair. Ms. Keane’s class investigated “All sorts of Sound” for the fair. We explored lots of sounds in the environment and learned all about the families in an Orchestra; String, Woodwind, Percussion and Brass. We made string instruments using a small shoe box, wrapping […]

2nd Class (Ms Hackett) Science Fair Experiment

We made heat sensitive colour changing slime. The slime is made using thermochromic pigment allowing it to change colour based on the temperature of the slime. Thermochromic pigments are available in a wide variety of colours and temperature ranges, so you can change the colour of the slime using cold or hot temperatures. Ingredients: 5oz […]

1st Class (Ms. Phelan) Let there be Light!!

We had a wonderful day at the Ravenswell Science Fair! We set up our table with our experiments and created a backdrop with all of our Scientific Method material. We broke our class up into 3 different presenting groups so everyone got a chance to present our Light experiments on the day. We’ve been working […]

1st Class (Ms. Phelan) Light Bending Refraction!

Today we had good fun still working on our Science Fair entry exploring Light. Question: So we already proved that light travels in a straight line. But does it ever bend? Prediction: We really don’t know! Materials: Tall glass Straws Water Procedure: Fill a tall glass with water. Check that the straw is straight. It […]

1st Class (Ms. Phelan) Science Fair Experiment

First class were very excited to get working on our entry for this years Ravenswell Science Fair. Each class has been assigned a different strand and unit of the Science Curriculum to ensure we’re not all covering the same areas.  Our class got “Energy and Forces: Light”  💡 and we’re absolutely delighted!! (Great topic!!😀) We started […]

3rd Class Science Fair Experiment

Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class set out to investigate how much sugar is in our favourite drinks. We brainstormed all of the drinks that we could think of. We then tasted some of these drinks to see if we could determine which ones were high or low in sugar from the taste. Next, we voted on […]

Science & Technology Fair 2020

Our whole school Science & Technology Fair took place on the 4th & 5th March 2020. Children from Junior Infants to 6th class took part in the fair. The children presented their experiments and explained their investigations to our visitors. The visitors included children, as well as parents, teachers & families.               The experiments presented […]