Litter Pick Up

Ravenswell took part in our annual spring clean up over the past two weeks. Junior Infants were joined by 3rd class on our clean up and we did an amazing job cleaning up any litter we found around the board walk near the Dargle River. Well done to all the boys and girls in Ravenswell […]

6th Class Balloon Powered Cars

6th class watched some clips of hybrid and electric car adverts which started off very interesting conversations about how cars of the future could run in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 6th class decided that a car moves when a force is applied to it, whether push or pull. Then, in groups, we set […]

Cleaning Dirty Water

In Ms McCormack’s First Class we learned about the importance of water in our daily lives. We discussed all the uses we have for water and why it is important to us. We also discussed what might happen if we were to drink dirty water. So why were we learning about this to start off […]

First Class – Making a Diver

In Ms. Brady’s class we were learning all about floating and sinking so we decided to investigate how density helps a diver float and sink! First of all, we needed to experiment with different materials to see what floats and what sinks. We discovered that coins sink and tin foil floats. We tested many materials […]

Junior Infants- Dancing Raisins

How we began At first, we read the book ‘ Who Sank the Boat’ to introduce the topic of floating and sinking. The children were curious to see which animal sank the boat, making predictions throughout the reading of the book. Introducing the song We wanted to be involved in the process as much as […]

Math’s Trail in 3rd Class

This month in Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class we have been learning all about length. We revised how length is measured in mm, cm, m and km. We practiced adding and subtracting these just to make sure we remembered all about length. Next was the fun part – A Maths Trail! Ms. Stapleton had taken pictures […]

Junior Infants – How do plants drink?

In our classroom, we learned about the parts of a plant. The Junior Infants watched Glover, from Sesame Street, talk about plants. We saw that rain helped his plant to grow. We saw Elmo share his water with Abby`s plant . We talked about what a plant needs to grow. Plants need sunlight, water and […]