String Telephones- Senior Infants

Sound is all around us! Mrs. Dillon’s class wanted to investigate sound and where it comes from!  All sounds are made through vibrations. These vibrations are carried through the air by particles until they reach our ears. These vibrations are called sound waves. We hear sounds through our ears, when the sound enters our ears […]

6th Class prepare for Confirmation next week

6th class have been very busy recently with preparations for Confirmation and Service of Light. We are finishing up our scrapbooks and all of our Confirmation art which will all be on display on Confirmation Day. The excitement is building as we count down the days!

Data in Ms. Keane’s Junior Infants and Ms Glynn’s Senior Infants

In our Infant Classes we have been focusing data. We have been working on graphing and discussing our graphs. Ms. Keane’s Junior Infants read a lovely story called ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. They discussed different aspects of the book and sequenced the story. When discussing their favourite character many of the boys and girls […]

Energy, Bristlebots and Data in Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class

This month we have been learning about energy. Like all scientists, our discover began with a question. We used a concept cartoon to begin. This concept cartoon helped us discuss how we thought cars moved and also introduced us to new vocabulary. The concept of energy was one we all knew but just didn’t have […]

5th Whole School Science Survey: The Results Are In!

So after writing our questions, creating a Google Forms survey and helping with surveying all younger classes of the school, Ms. Phelan’s 5th Class now have the results of our “Whole School Science Survey.” You can see the results on display at our Science Fair on Friday 29th March in the school hall! We are […]


‘What do you have with you all the time but leave everywhere you go?’ Ms Glynns class were tasked with investigating our own fingerprints. First we learned all about the four different types of fingerprints: Cusps, Ridges, Loops and Splits. We looked at pictures of each type of fingerprint on the interactive white board. Then […]

Electricity- Circuits, Insulators and Conductors

4th Class have been learning about electricity this month. We started off by brainstorming things that use electricity in our classroom, such as the laptop, lights and projector. We then thought about what electricity is and where it comes from. Electricity is the flow of electric charge or current. Electricity can be generated from renewable […]

How To Make A Lava Lamp

The pupils in Cedars 1 were very excited to be part of Ravenswell Science Fair and could not wait to get involved. Our task was to: Investigate how materials may be changed by mixing Make a Lava Lamp As part of our experiment we needed to look at chemical energy to try and understand what […]

BeeBots in Junior Infants – Ms. Keane

Ms. Keane’s class have been learning a little bit about basic programming. They have been programming BeeBots, which are exciting little robots designed for use by young children. The Beebots are a perfect tool for teaching counting, sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun! The children practiced using directional language such as forward, backward, left […]

Environmental Workshops

We were very lucky to have Aoife Munn, from the Department of Environment, working with 3rd and 4th Class. She taught us about plants and animals in Ireland and recycling. We went on nature walks, completed an animal project, grew seeds, made posters to encourage our community to be more aware of recycling and made […]