1st Class Aistear – The Dentist

Welcome back to school!  We can’t believe how quickly the summer holidays went but we’re super happy to be back too!

We have a very happy First Class year group as they get to continue to do Aistear this year.

For the month of September our focus is on the dentist. We’ve done lots of oral work discussing and learning new vocabulary related to the dentist (eg, dental surgery, reception, receptionist, waiting room, dental nurse, appointment, symptoms, canines, incisors, premolar, molar, brushing, flossing, treatment, examination chair, probe, injection).

From this we set up our Dental Surgery rolepay area which includes a waiting room, reception, dentist chair and an x-ray area.

At another Aistear station the children have been getting to grips with brushing very dirty teeth to get them squeaky clean and healthy.

And the children are learning how to floss – NOT THE DANCE – but removing plague (playdough) using floss (wool) from between teeth (lego).

In Science the class learned all about the functions and number of our different teeth ( incisors, canine, premolar and molar) so we’ve another station making teeth models.

We have 8 incisor teeth – 4 top and 4 bottom, which we use to cut and bite. (blue pegs in the playdough)

We have 4 canine teeth, 2 top and 2 bottom bookending our incisors. (red pegs)

And then we have molars which are much bigger and used for gripping and crushing. (green pegs)

So lots of learning going on in First Class. Maybe there are some dentists of the future here!

Post Author: Linda Phelan