First Class Magnetism

First Class had lots of fun exploring and investigating with magnets!

First we brainstormed “forces”. Magnets are a type of force. We had lots of different styles of magnets to explore with, including bar, donut, horseshoe, wand and disc magnets.

Each group was given a box of items (pegs, toy cars, blocks, 5c coins, 10c coins, paper clips & pencils) and after making a prediction about whether the item was magnetic or not, we could then test using their own wand magnet.

Most of our predictions were right except for one! We mostly predicted that the 5c and 10 c coins would be magnetic. However we discovered that yes the 5c coin IS magnetic but the 10c coin IS NOT.

It’s to do with the metal! 5c coins (bronze ones) are made of copper which is magnetic. However the 10c coins (gold ones) are made from a type of gold which is not magnetic.

Post Author: Linda Phelan