It finally arrived…

Finally, on Monday 5th November 2018, after a long, 14 year wait, our new school was finally ready and we made our move.  All the pupils arrived in our old, and now empty, building for a final farewell…making a giant 2018 in the car-park… and together, we all walked across to our new building.

It was a gorgeous day, everyone was in high spirits, and the air was buzzing with excitement.  6th class paired off with Infants to start our Moving Day Parade.  It was lovely to see the old guiding the new on such a special occasion.  Ms McHale took on the role of lollipop lady for the day, leading us all safely across the new road.  The day was marked by the Bray People, who sent a photographer down to record the excitement.

Here are a few pictures to record the wonderful day.

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