Junior Infants – Build a Band

We explored “Sound” and made stringed instruments.

Ms. Keane’s class have become super scientists this month and we have been investigating Sound.

Our two objectives were;

  1. To identify and differentiate between loud/soft and high/low sounds.
  2. To build a stringed instrument

Firstly we listened to the story; I like Noisy, Mum likes Quiet written by Eileen Spinelli.

From the story, we differentiated sounds that are loud/soft/high/low.

Next, we brainstormed instruments that have strings.

We came up with guitar, banjo, violin, ukulele and fiddle.

We then explored the string family of the orchestra and watched some instruments play from this string family. This is the cool video we watched.

After this we designed our very own stringed instruments in pairs.

We added a bridge to the instrument to explore different sounds
We cut a small hole in this instrument to explore the difference in sounds.

It’s really simple to make these instruments at home…
All you’ll need is;

  • a shoebox / tissue box
  • some fancy wrapping paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • long and short elastic bands
  • some nice stickers/accessories to decorate

To conclude our investigation, we listened to each stringed instrument being strummed.

We used hand signals for high and low sounds….Can you guess what we heard?
  • We discovered that;
  • longer, looser elastics played a LOW sound and
  • shorter, tighter elastics played a HIGH sound.

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