Junior Infants – How do plants drink?

In our classroom, we learned about the parts of a plant. The Junior Infants watched Glover, from Sesame Street, talk about plants. We saw that rain helped his plant to grow. We saw Elmo share his water with Abby`s plant . We talked about what a plant needs to grow. Plants need sunlight, water and food.

We wondered how plants drink and decided to investigate.

We conducted an experiment.

We put celery in water.

We put white carnations in water.

We added red and blue food colouring to the water.

Our Predictions

We predicted that the white carnations in the red water would turn red. We thought the celery in the red water would turn red.

How would we know that the plants drank the water? We predicted that the water would shrink.

The carnations started to turn red and blue.

After a few days, the leaves and the top of the celery were red. There was a very big fall in the water level.

Our teacher cut the celery, we looked inside and saw blue lines. These lines showed us where the water travelled. We used a magnifying glass to take a closer look. We saw that the lines are tubes along which the water travelled up to the top of the celery and leaves. These tubes are called xylem.

Taking a closer look.

We saw the carnations change from white to red or blue as the they drank the water. We watched how the colour changed each day. We enjoyed watching the water level of each container change each day. We saw that the celery seemed to be more thirsty than the carnations.

We wondered what would happen if we split the stem of a carnation and put one part in blue water and the other part in red water. We are going to conduct another experiment.

Post Author: Audrey Semple