Keeping Sounds Out- Senior Infants

Ms. Crimmins’ Senior Infants class had a great time at Ravenswell Science Fair. The lead up to the Science fair was equally as fun as we experimented with loud and annoying sounds and how to block the sound out using different materials. During the Science Fair we got to show off the knowledge we had on this topic and the children really enjoyed talking to different members of the school about the science experiment which they had taken part in.

                At the start, we discussed loud and annoying sounds and different sounds which we found would make us want to cover our ears to block them out. These sounds included car alarms, snoring, a mobile phone ringing continuously , loud chewing etc. We then listened to these sounds playing aloud and we had great fun trying to block the sound out using our hands and other materials.

                As a class, we then brainstormed different materials which we thought might block out the sound. There were many materials discussed but we decided to narrow it down to 2, choosing sand and water.

                We predicted which material we thought would block out the sound better. Some of us thought that sand would be better, and the rest of us thought that water would be better. The only way we were going to find out was if we all tested this experiment out, which was very enjoyable!

                In the end, after all taking part in the experiment, we found that sand was better at keeping the annoying sounds out. We were all eager to find something as we were sick of listening to the alarms and babies crying in the backround!!

  We really enjoyed the whole process of the Science Fair and I look forward to another being held in Ravenswell.


Post Author: Sorcha Crimmins