Personal and Local History:

Family Tree Kids
Making Family History Fun
Slideshow showing Victorian Toys
Ireland – Past and Present
Ask About Ireland

Ancient Egypt:

Webquest Ancient Egyptian Journey 
British Museum
Curriculum Links 
BBC Egyptian resource page
BBC Mummy Maker Game 
National Museum Scotland Egyptian Tomb Adventure 
National Museum Scotland Egyptian Games 
Guide to Ancient Egypt

Fashion Through Time – recommended by Mia (Mrs.McVey’s 5th Graders )


National Archives of Ireland
Ancient Greeks Quiz 
American Elementary School Through the Ages

Learning About Ancient Rome:

History for Kids
Ancient Rome

Fashion Through Time – recommended by Mia (Mrs.McVey’s 5th Graders )
Teacher Oz Rome 
Roman Empire.net 
Cybersleuth Kids
BBC Primary History Romans
Social Studies for Kids
Factual Information about Ancient Rome
Roles of Men, Women and Children in Ancient Rome

History of Furniture – Roman Colosseum Seating (recommended by Ms Lee’s class, Colorado)