Math’s Trail in 3rd Class

This month in Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class we have been learning all about length. We revised how length is measured in mm, cm, m and km. We practiced adding and subtracting these just to make sure we remembered all about length.

Next was the fun part – A Maths Trail!

Ms. Stapleton had taken pictures all around our new yard and she made a trail where we had to use the pictures and measure specific objects in the yard! It was so much fun!

We had to decide the unit of measurement when measuring a fence. We had to do some estimating. We had to measure the barrier and measure the width.

We also learnt a new word: diameter. There is lots of drains in our yard and the drain covers are circular. We had to measure the diameters of the circles. We also measure the perimeter of the paving stones!

Have a look at us working!

Post Author: Kimberly Mulcahy