Miss Geoghegan’s 5th Class Science Experiment

We all really enjoyed our Science experiment and being able to show our results at the school Science Fair. Our project was about Forces. It was called EXPAND A BAND. We learned about different types of forces. 

We tested to see if elastic bands expand when weight is added to them, without the elastic band snapping or breaking. We started by setting up all of our equipment. We needed a clipboard with a clothes peg, a rubber band, a paper clip bent into a hook, metal washers (10), a 30cm ruler, and a plain sheet of paper. We then measured the length of the rubber band with a paper clip on it and recorded this length. Then we began adding metal washers and measuring each time a new washer was added. 

We found that from just adding 1 metal washer there was already an impact on the band. It had expanded, unlike a piece of string. We found that the band cannot expand unless there is a force applied to it. The more weight that the band has taken, the more it will expand. We were surprised to see that near the end of our experiment, the band did not expand as much as it did at the beginning. The difference at the between 0-1 washer was 1.0cm. The difference in length was only 0.1cm between 7, 8, and 9. The difference between the 9th and 10th washer was 0cm. Some of us thought that the band might snap. We found out that this did not happen. The band just grew longer without snapping. 

We all really enjoyed this experiment and learned a lot about Forces. 

Post Author: Nicola Pigott