Ms. Mulcahy’s Chromebooks and our Beebot Bray Projects!

Last month we spent a lot of time investigating different aspects of Bray, including; origins, place names and elements which have been changed. We explored features of old buildings in Bray and used Google Classroom to help us begin our project.

Ms. Mulcahy sent us a link which led us to an amazing website which gave us some information about the different buildings in Bray. We explored the seafront, Martello Terrace, the Town Hall, the Esplanade and the cliff walk. Each person got a different land mark in Bray to research.

We used Google Slides to make our project! This was so much fun. We have learnt many new skills on the Chromebook and some people can even use transitions in their Google Slides. We love Google Slides. The template Ms. Mulcahy made for us made it easy for us to go searching for information!

We used the information we collected and made our project. Next Ms.Mulcahy gave us out a small sheet and we wrote down some pointers to help us when we presented our project.

After we had all the written work done, it was time to make our maps. We made a town map, we placed all of our landmarks on this map. It was great as we were making it for coding the Beebot in order for us to present our projects. It was so much fun! Check out the pictures!

After we had made our maps, Ms. Mulcahy gave each person a rubric, this helped us to judge everyone’s presentations. We coded the Beebot to our landmark and presented our projects. It was so much fun! Have a look at us in action below! We really loved every second and have learnt so many new skills!

Post Author: Kimberly Mulcahy