National Children’s Choir 2019

As many of you will have seen, the Halla in the school was transformed at the beginning of May in order to host the Wicklow Regional National Children’s Choir concert. It was the first time the Ravenswell Primary School children have taken part in over 10 years. We were thrilled to be able to host the concert in our brand new building.

Since September 2018 Ms. Piggot, has been working hard preparing the 4th and 5th class children, alongside Ms. Mulcahy, Ms. Murray and Ms. Phelan. Ms. Piggot attended a week longsSummer course last year in order to prepare for teaching the repertoire of 14 songs. The children of 4th and 5th class did a wonderful job learning the songs throughout the year. Prior to the concert they attended 3 regional rehearsals with over 300 children attending each rehearsal.

After many months of hard work, the children got to perform for an audience of over 500 people on the 2nd of May. The children were conducted by Ms. Órla Gillan, and our very own Ms. Piggot also conducted Crandaí Bogdaí on the night.

We are all so very proud of the Ravenswell children who took part, and also Ms. Piggot who did a stellar job in preparing the kids alongside Ms. Mulcahy, Ms. Murray and Ms. Phelan.

As well as the fantastic concert that the children performed for the Wicklow Regional NCC concert, a number of children were then chosen to go and perform at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. The group of 10 children chosen to represent the Ravenswell NCC choir performed in the National Concert Hall on Saturday 25th May, and did an absolutely superb job of representing of school, our choir, and their families!

A special thanks also must go to all the Ravenswell Staff who helped out on both nights of the Wicklow Regional concerts, we would have been lost without them!

Have a look below at some of the pictures and videos from our NCC 2019 journey!

Post Author: Orla McCarthy