On the Go – First Class

Our experiment was called ‘On the Go’. We wanted to find out how far a toy car would travel over different types of surfaces.
Before the Science Fair, we had to do a lot of research in our classroom. Firstly, we had to choose the best car for the experiment – we had lots of fun deciding which car was the best! Some of the bigger cars looked like they were going to be great but when we experimented we found that they swerved off to one side or there was a problem with their wheels!

Then we had to pick our surfaces – we decided on Carpet, Wood, sandpaper and bubblewrap. Some surfaces were easier to find than others!
We made predictions about which surface the car would travel farthest on. Then we carried out the experiment.
We used string to measure the distance travelled and also a metre stick to give us the length in cm.
Now for the ‘Science’ bit! We learned that surfaces with greater friction, slow down the car, resulting in the car travelling a shorter distance.
More Friction = Shorter Distance
Less Friction = Greater Distance

Finally, we had to make sure that we made our experiment a ‘Fair Test’ so we used the same car each time, started the car at the same point at the top of the ramp, and finally, we kept the angle of the ramp the same. Also we were careful not to push down on the car!
Thank you to all the presenters who did an amazing job explaining our experiment – you all were super!

Post Author: Catherine Lynskey