Our Coding Journey begins with Coding a Human Bot!

4th Class have began their coding journey. In order for us to become successful coders we had to learn how to use directional language properly. We discussed what directional language was and made a list of words on the board such as forwards, backwards, clockwise, anticlockwise, left and right.

The aim of our lesson was to write a code to direct a human bot from one place in the classroom to another.

First we made a plan on the whiteboard about how we would attack the aim.

We divided our class into groups and decided the first thing we must do is decide where we would like to code our human bot to and from. The next thing we had to do was draw a detailed map of our classroom with large objects labelled clearly.

Take at look at our plans.

After that we plotted our start point and finish point. We then wrote our code and tested if it works. There were some challenges when it came to coding a human bot. See the main ones we decided on below.

These challenges had to be taken into account in order for our code to work. After we tested the different codes, we then had to debug our code. That means we had to fix the parts that were incorrect in our code.

We had great FUN!

We had great fun trailing the different codes and it was really interesting to see how everyone debugged their human bot. Take a look at the video below to see a code in action!

IMG_2816.TRIM (2)

Post Author: Kimberly Mulcahy