Our Senses – Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been learning all about our senses. As an introduction to the topic, we were taken to the Parents’ Room where we made some popcorn in the microwave! In making the popcorn we had to think about

  • What can we see? We saw the popcorn twirling around in the microwave.
  • What can we hear? We heard lots of little explosions going POP!
  • What can we smell? Mmmmm the popcorn smelled really delicious!
  • What can we taste? The popcorn tasted delicious and it didn’t last very long in the bowls.
  • What can we feel/touch? The popcorn was soft and squidgy.


In our next lesson, we focused in on our Sense of Touch and played a fun game “What’s in the Box?” Before we played we brainstormed lots of words that we can use to describe how something feels, like soft, hard, rough, smooth, fluffy etc. Then with a blindfold on we had to use our hands to feel an object, describe it to our friends, and make a guess as to what it was! It was lots of fun! Especially when the teacher said “I hope this doesn’t bite you!”


Post Author: Linda Phelan