5th Class Ozobots!

On Monday February 25th 5th class had their first of 3 Ozobots workshops facilitated by the ADAPT Centre in DCU.

Ozobots offer a fun and interactive way for primary school kids to engage with problem-solving through simple coding and robotics.

Daria and Demitri from the ADAPT Centre DCU in 5th class.

First the children explored how the Ozobots will follow the path of the black marker. They also learned that the Ozobots moves more easily if the corners and turns are not too sharp.

Ozobots are frequently used in educational settings to encourage student engagement with the STEM field. They can be elaborately programmed or more simply by specific patterns of colour which the bots scan through sensors on their underside. The colour coding method prescribes unique sequences of red, black, green, and blue with different actions the bot can take.

The children then learned how to code for straight, left, and right turn movements using the coloured patterns when the Ozobots encountered a crossroads.

They then applied that knowledge to create a unique path for the Ozobots to follow on a map from Home to School making specific stops along the way! The sweet shop and toy shop were popular stops!

Check out our video of the Ozobot in action!

Watch our Ozobots on the move from Home to School.

We really enjoyed today’s workshop and are looking forward to the next!

Post Author: Linda Phelan