Home School Links

Parents are encouraged to maintain strong links with the school and be actively involved in their child’s education. To this end, we have a dedicated Home-School Links teacher, Kerry O’Brien.

Kerry works with the parents in Ravenswell.  She regularly visits parents at home to keep in touch, give updates on your child’s progress and assist with any issues which may arise.  She is available to answer your questions and arrange meetings at the school.

Kerry is very active in organising a range of activities and courses for parents during the year.  Further details of these courses and other activities are available in our Courses for Parent’s section.

We also encourage parents to get involved in some of our in-class programmes, giving you the opportunity to work in your child’s class. See the In-Class Programmes section for further details.

Kerry also runs our Ravenswell Facebook page.  If there is anything you would like to add to the page or have any questions regarding the page please let her know.

For further information or to discuss any issues, please contact Kerry O’Brien (083 8387091).