In-Class Programmes

We are always on the lookout for parents who have some free time and would like to get involved around the school.  We always have a range of activities which we would love you to be part of.

  • In-class programmes
  • School tours and trips
  • After-school clubs

The following is a sample of what’s going on:

Bedtime Reading Club –  Junior and Senior Infants

A school library is available to all Junior and Senior Infant children and their parents every Tuesday morning outside room 5 and 6.  The pupils can borrow three books for Bedtime reading during the week.

Shared Reading – 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th

Parents are invited to help with and listen to reading in the classroom.

Maths for Fun

A group of parents run a Maths games session in the classroom once a week for 30 minutes.  The equipment is provided by the school and the activities are kept fun and interesting.  This is run with different classes every year.

Easter and Christmas Raffles

Every year we run raffles to raise money for the school and for different charity.  Donations of prizes are looked for from parents and the local community.

Easter and Summer Camps

An Easter and Summer Camp is organised for Ravenswell and St Peter’s Schools by the local School Completion Coordinator, Michelle. Every year a team of parents from both schools volunteer to help out with the organising and management of the camps.  These have proven to be a great success over the past few years and we hope they continue.

Parents in the Classroom – Junior Infants

Parents are invited into Junior Infant classes to help out with the morning group activities.  Each morning we play a selection of simple Number and Word games with the children.  Often we are also working on an Art Activity.   Having an extra pair of hands is a welcome addition to the room, and the children love to see their parents being the “teacher”.  If you have 30 minutes free any morning please talk to your class teacher about helping out.

There is always a wide variety of activities taking place throughout the school.  If you would like to get involved, or have a particular interest in any area which you would like to share, we would be delighted to here from you.  Keep an eye out for notices about upcoming activities and events.