Ravenswell’s Feel Good Week

Our Health and Wellbeing Board is on display inside the school’s reception area

Ravenswell are taking part in the Amber Flag Initiative this year which is run by Pieta House .

The aim of the initiative is to promote positive mental health in our school community.

We have already got so much going on here in Ravenswell, but we set ourselves some new goals.

Our Amber Flag committee was set up to come up with some new goals and ideas for this school year. We held regular meetings with Ms. Keane and Niamh from Headlamps where we discussed what we could do during Feel Good Week to create a healthier and happier Ravenswell. We created a big list of ideas and resources and got to work.

Yoga classes are run for parents every Monday.

Our Health & Wellbeing board in the school reception area is updated regularly and we created a positive hashtag wall where students and staff can stick a post-it note with a positive quote on it. We have a positive affirmation/quote hung up every week and during Feel Good Week, we designed some fantastic posters which are also hung up around the school.

Yoga with Rachel – can you spot the Amber clothing and accessories ?

On Tuesday 5th March, we wore something Amber to school and this was a fundraiser for Pieta House.

Having a cup of PositiviTEA

Classes participated in various Mindful moments which included; Secret Friendships, Breathing Buddies, Yoga classes, Go Noodle movement exercises and Drop Everything and Dance each day at 10am.

Making friendship bracelets
Junior Infants bring their Breathing buddies to school every Friday.
Our fantastic “Feel Good Posters”
Drop Everything and Dance

Ravenswell’s Feel Good Week was a great success and we are hoping to be successful with the Amber Flag Award in May. We have raised over €400 so far for Pieta House. Thanks to all for your continued support.

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