Junior & Senior Infants

School Closure Activity List-Infant Level
Learn how to:
 Set a table
 Sweep the floor and use a dustpan
 Put your own toothpaste on your toothbrush
 Clean up after yourself when playing
 Take on and off your coat with no help
 Turn your sleeves out the right way
 Tie up your hair
 Keep a diary
 Write a story
 Make a den
 Make a bed
 Pair up socks
 Help your siblings
 Play board games, play cards, make a jigsaw
 Look for signs of spring on a walk

Useful links:
 Audible-Story books available to listen on line
 Youtube- The Learning Station, The Singing Walrus
 Walker Éireann- Childrens books available in audio format in bothe
English and Irish.