School Tour to Powerscourt

On Thursday 8th March, 5th Class went on a school tour to Powerscourt. We were going to visit the Cool Planet Experience (CPE) exhibit.

First, we watched a video about Powerscourt House and Gardens and their history. We watched this movie in the movie room in the house.

Next, we went to the CPE exhibit. We got bands and scanned them so we could play games and log details to learn about our carbon footprints. We watched a short film about climate change.

We also played some games to help us learn about saving the future.

We played a quiz called ‘The “F” Word’ (F stands for food!).

We watched another movie about having hope for the future. It inspired us to make pledges to help combat climate change. Tianna pledged to stop using plastic straws.

Then we had a short presentation on climate change. We did some experiments based around weather. In one experiment, a bottle was pumped with air, which increased the pressure and caused the temperature to go up. As a result condensation happened – clouds formed and water appeared in the bottle.

Finally, we returned back to school. It was a very enjoyable experience and we can’t wait to go back!

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