Senior Infants Write a Book 2022

We decided to take part in this year’s Write a Book competition. I spoke to the class and we decided that we would write a book together. Using the First Steps program I planned for 8 oral language lessons during which we would work out our title, setting, characters, theme and eventually our story line. The children loved the collaborative aspect of each decision made for the book and they especially enjoyed designing the characters and their clothes.  We were quickly able to decide on four main characters for our story and we began to work on our story line. We completed our first draft and then we became the editors of our book. We read over our story several times and made changes each time until we had our second and then our final draft of our story. Then came time to create our physical book, each child was given a line from our final draft to write and illustrate. Once everyone had completed this task I numbered each page and bound our book. We sent it off to the Write a Book headquarters and waited for the results. We found out this week that we had received a special merit prize. We each got a lovely certificate to bring home and we will have a popcorn party this Friday to celebrate!

Post Author: Ali Glynn