Space Station

Ms. Crimmins’ Senior Infant Class have loved working on the space station in Aistear this term. The children began with gathering all the information they already had on space/space station and shared ideas within their groups. The children learned all the planet names and enjoyed watching Chris Hadfield video on things such as brushing teeth in space/ cooking in space.

The children loved taking part in the Aistear stations and a particular favourite seemed to be creating a space shuttle from blocks. They also took part in art activities where they had themselves as astronauts floating in space, socio dramatic play on a space mission and creating planets and space items using play-doh.
The children loved reading books based on space and a particular favourite of theirs was ‘Aliens love Underpants’.
The space station overall was a success and the children learned lots of information about the space station and they were enthused throughout. This has been our favourite Aistear theme so far and the children were completely immersed in the learning. Well done Senior Infants 🙂

Post Author: Sorcha Crimmins