STEM in Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class – Design and Make your own Space Rocket

To begin our space travels, Ms. Mulcahy showed us this concept cartoon to stimulate some discussion. It was interesting to see how we could apply the previous knowledge of the different kinds of energy to from an opinion.

Next it was clear to see we needed to learn some new information before we could make our decisions. Ms. Mulcahy taught us about an important scientist called Issac Newton. He has three laws of of motion. We learnt about all three and how forces act on objects. Then we were able to disagree with some of the statements above. We were reminded how air acts as a force on objects (as we had previously experimented with this when we made our own parachutes). So as their is no air in space we decided that once in space a rocket will continue moving at the same speed as it entered. Now that we had the background of how a rocket moves it was time to start our own designs.

To start we needed to divide a rocket into the different sections in order to make our design. From our research we found that a rocket needs some form of chemical energy (fuel) to launch into space – from this we decided we would need a launcher for our rocket. Next we looked at how a rocket would remain stable on the ground – this was due to its fins, therefore we must have fins in our design in order for our rocket to stand up before launch. Next we spoke about our rocket being ‘aerodynamic’ (Mikey told us about this word!). We decided the front of our rocket (nose cone) must be in the shape of a cone in order for the air to pass quickly over it and act as less of a force against our rocket. The vessel shape of our rocket was the last thing we discussed but Ms. Mulcahy left it up t us to decide what shape it should be. Check out our designs!

Post Author: Kimberly Mulcahy