Maths Fun

The children in second class have been enjoying a variety of maths games. They have been playing interactive online maths games, snakes and ladders, counting games and working with lots of concrete materials.

Am Spraoi (Aistear) in 2nd Class

Second class explored the history of the Titanic through play during Am Spraoi (Aistear). The children use Lego to construct the Titanic, they participated in role play in the Titanic restaurants and the classes used chromebooks to research the topic. In addition, the children carried out some science experiments to check if a variety of […]

Top tips for terrific teeth!

In September we learned about the importance of looking after our teeth. Here are our tops tips for keeping those fiacla looking great! Brush your teeth (and your tongue!) twice a day. Don’t forget to floss! Change your toothbrush every three months. Eat less sugary foods. Visit the dentist every year. Wear gum shields when […]