Using QR Code and Beebots in Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class

The past few weeks we have been working on developing our understanding of sequencing, computational thinking and the mathematical concepts of coordinates, distance, and location.

We we began our Beebot stations by reviewing forwards, backwards, left and right movements by playing a blindfold game. We reviewed all of the new language which we had learnt in our previous lessons. We played on Beebot app to practice our coding skills. We also reviewed the compass and directional movements. We used the Bee-Bot to help us.

During our stations each group used a variety of challenge cards to discover where the Bee-Bot was traveling from and to. We worked together to decode the directional language and ensured that we coded the correct sequence of directions into the Bee-Bot to move around then mat.

On each challenge card was a QR Code that students could scan once they completed each challenge to see if they were successful.

This was such good fun. Take a look at the videos of us completing our challenges and checking our answers!

Post Author: Kimberly Mulcahy