What is that sound?!

Mrs. Dillon’s class wanted to investigate sound and where it comes from!

 All sounds are made through vibrations. These vibrations are carried through the air by particles until they reach our ears. These vibrations are called sound waves.

We hear sounds through our ears, when the sound enters our ears they make our eardrum vibrate and this sends sounds to our brains. The class were fascinated by this and eager to test this out

We experimented with sound waves by making our own shakers. We used lots of different materials to make a variety of different shakers. We used pasta and rice to fill plastic cups and covered the top with paper secured by elastic. We also used fluffy balls, some marla and lollipop sticks to fill other shakers!

We shook them hard and we shook them softly to see if the sound changed.

We closed our eyes and tried to guess which shaker was making which sound, we listened to hear the difference between the different shaker contents.

We had so much fun experimenting with sound this year!!

Here are some of our young scientist at our table in the hall!

Post Author: Ali Glynn