Write a Book – Ms. Mulcahy’s 4th Class

As part of our narrative writing genre, we decided to take part in the ‘Write a Book’ initiative set up by Blackrock Education Center. ‘Write a Book’ allows the children to become real authors as they create their own story books while actively engaging in the writing process.

As part of our new curriculum, we are encouraged to get our children writing for real purposes and real audiences so this project really tied in!

We spent a lot of time drafting, editing and redrafting our novels and the children got to learn what it was like to become a real author. We also had numerous art lessons tackling what their book could look like and what information we would need on the outside of their books in order to get people interested and wanting to read it!

It was a fabulous process and all the children in 4th class worked extremely hard putting together their final product!

We went to Third Class to share our stories before we sent them off to be judged!


Everyone who took part received a Certificate of Participation and a pack with important writing equipment to make sure everyone in the class will continue writing in their spare time! The results came in from Blackrock Education Centre and we received three Highly Commended Books and one Merit Book. Well done to all who took part, Ravenswell were extremely proud.


Post Author: Kimberly Mulcahy