Info for Parents

In Ravenswell, all parents are encouraged to maintain strong links with the school and to be actively involved during their time here.

Our aim is to ensure that you are supported and empowered to become effective partners in your children’s education.

Keeping in Touch!

We make every effort in Ravenswell to keep you informed as to your child’s progress through-out the year.

Aladdin Connect: This is a communications app used by the school as our primary method of communication with home.  See here for further details on the features of Aladdin Connect and how to connect. 

Class Dojo is an app/website that connects teachers with pupils and parents.  Regular updates are sent home showing school events and news.  This app may also be used to facilitate homework assignments.

Text-a-Parent: Updates and reminders are regularly texted out to parents during the year.  Please ensure the school has your correct mobile phone number.

Newsletters are sent home with the children giving regular updates to parents.

Parent-Teacher meetings: Formal meetings are held in the school every October.
Appointments: Informally, class teachers are generally available every morning and afternoon for a quick chat.  However, parents are requested to make appointments with the class teacher, the Home-School Links teacher or the Principal at any time during the year to discuss their child.
Homework Journal:  Keep an eye on your child’s homework journal for any messages or notes from the class teacher.  The journal can also be used if you have a message for your child’s teacher.
School Reports:  An annual report will be posted out at the end of the school year.